Not An Ordinary Jacket-Navy Blue

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A designer reversible oversize denim jacket that matches almost every occasion from formal to casual. The word reversible means able to be turned the other way around. The jacket with clean lines and a streamlined silhouette reverses from denim color to navy for 2 smart looks in 1 versatile piece. Size available from S - XL, limited to 10 pieces only. 




-Polyester with cotton


Care Label:               

STEP 1: For the first washing, please separate me from the other items of clothing.

STEP 2: Put me inside the laundry protecting mesh bag.

STEP 3: Make sure to use the gentle wash mode of a washing machine.

STEP 4: Alternatively, you can send me out for dry clean. It's that simple I’m clean now! I’m just Happy To Have You as my owner.



Chest Circumstance: 46 inches

Shoulder: 18 inches

Sleeve Length: 24''

Length: 34 inches



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